Commercial Solar System

For installation in commercial, industrial and educational sectors including factories & warehouses, hospitals & clinics, universities & schools, shopping malls, and large parking lots.

Residential Solar System

Home rooftop solar use is becoming a very popular investment. besides lasting for about 30 years, it also increases the value of the property. it also substantially reduces electricity bills.

Save Money,
Save Environment!

Our presence ensures timeliness, cost efficiency & compliance adherence!

Why Solar

Solar power -
Unlimited source of energy


Solar panels produce electricity by transforming the continuous flow of energy from the sun to electricity.


No harmful emissions are released into the air when electricity is produced by solar panels.

Low operating costs

The photovoltaic process that transforms sunlight into electricity doesn’t require any fuel and has no variable costs.

Empowering the future with solar energy.

When planning a solar project, picking the right products from a brand you know and trust is essential. Our long-standing commitment to quality and innovation makes Sunpower Maxeon the smart choice.


Take control of your electricity source!

We’ve helped to 900+ individual villa owners and 30+ businesses with energy solutions. Let’s solve yours.

Our purpose is to drive the change for a cleaner world. We are securing a fast and reliable transition to a carbon-neutral economy by providing customers and societies with clean energy and sustainable solutions.

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